Class is in Session: Brewing Self Love 101

with Jenne Sharpe

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☕A soul-enriching episode, where Min sits down with the inspiring Jenne Sharpe, an intuitive guide, coach, and energy healer hailing from the enchanting vibes of Portland, Oregon.

Jenne's mission?

Empowering women to unlock their inner magic through falling in love with themselves first.

In this coffee-fueled conversation, Jenne shares her journey from doubt to empowerment, her insights on self-love, and practical tips to infuse your daily routine with authentic positivity.


Episode Highlights:

☕Discover Jenne Sharpe's journey from divorce and low self esteem to a vessel of self love

☕Gain practical insights and tips on embracing your inner magic and creating a life that resonates

Learn how self-love and confidence can be nurtured just like a cherished cup of coffee.


As you sip your latte and reflect on the wisdom shared in this episode, remember that you have the power to fall in love with yourself and brew a life that's as rich and satisfying as the finest coffee.


Jenne Sharpe is a renowned intuitive guide, coach, and energy healer based in the beautiful Portland, Oregon area. With a background in psychology and a passion for guiding women towards self-discovery, she empowers them to embrace their unique essence and create lives that radiate authenticity.

Connect with Jenne Sharpe:




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