Hey Podcast Bestie,

 Let's talk real talk, shall we?

After you drop an episode, do you sometimes feel like you've run a marathon with a backpack full of bricks?

I get it, because sister, you're not just a podcast creator ‚Äď you're a whirlwind of entrepreneurial prowess!

Juggling clients, smashing business goals, and oh, adding podcasting on top?

That's some superhero-level stuff right there.

Ready to Push Publish!

Is the production process of your podcast making you fall out of love with podcasting?

The editing, the shownotes, the webpage maintenance...It's all just a little too much time away from your business and taking the joy out of creating.

Feel Heard!

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Top 3 Reasons to Start a Podcast

1. Low Competition


Unlike YouTube, which has over 51 million channels. Podcasts has over 5 million globally.

2. Build and Engage With Your Audience.

Your audience can connect with you through multiple streams; email, social media, even comments!


3. HUGE Monetizing Potential

Increasing your coaching business revenue isn't the only perk! It's estimated that Podcast Ad Revenue will reach $4B by 2025! 


If you're a coach or entrepreneur who is looking to launch a podcast or wanting assistance in producing your podcast to grow your revenue and audience, I am here to help!

Podcasting requires lots of time, dedication, planning, and consistency. However, as a busy entrepreneur time is high commodity! Take the pressure off yourself!

Let's Work Together!

From Min¬†ūü¶ĻūüŹĺ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ:

Hi, I'm Min!


I'm fueled by lattes, fashion, and of course, PODCASTS!

In 2020, I had high aspirations to be a fashion influencer and launched my own podcast.

My 2020 podcast didn't survive my divorce but my business grew bigger helping others push publish and maintain theirs.

In 2021, I started offering amazing coaches and entrepreneurs assistance on how to launch their podcasts as well as helping them produce new episodes on a weekly basis.

HOLY SMOKES BATMAN ... Podcasters love handing over time vampire tasks! 

Now, I am helping podcasters all over the world stay consistent, build their audience and increase revenue in their business.

About Min

Let's Get Your Podcast Off The Ground Together

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Admin Avenger will consult on equipment, breakdown the technology, guide you through the editing process, even sit with you while you record!

Are you ready to fly Super Woman?


Become a Podcasting Superhero!

POWER Up Your Podcasting with a Podcast Producer!

You are a busy BOSS!  If your podcast is just one more thing in your business that is taking time away from being the BADASS CEO, Admin Avenger can be your podcast sidekick!

Let someone else take care of the editing, show notes, guest management and social media. All you have to do is push record!

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DIY Your Podcast!

This playbook breaks launching a podcast into easy daily tasks! Get references training, terminology and even affirmations to help break into the Podcasting Universe!

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Want 8 FREE tips to Increase DOWNLOADS on Your Podcast?