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Share A Latte Podcast

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Welcome to "Share A Latte" podcast, celebrating the harmonious blend of people and the comforting embrace of coffee.

Join Min Sukree as she dives into the lives of remarkable women.

Each episode is a journey filled with laughter, inspiration, and the rich aroma of stories brewed with unbreakable spirit.

Savor the beauty of human connection paired harmoniously with coffee's soothing essence.

Together, let's steep in the flavorful tales brewed by extraordinary women.

Tune in to raise a cup to life's enriching journey.

Life is a tapestry of stories, and every sip counts.

Join us for the perfect pairing of people and coffee, one brew-tiful episode at a time.

Remember, life happens. Coffee helps. ☕

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Pour Of Wisdom: Trusting Your Brew in Decision-Making

Min Sukree explores the art of decision-making and how to overcome decision paralysis. Drawing parallels between life's choices and selecting coffee from a menu, Min emphasizes the importance of self-trust throughout the decision-making process. She shares insights from her journey as a podcast producer and how decision-making has shaped her career. The episode focuses on the value of quick decisions, wisdom from a successful entrepreneur, and the power of taking action to conquer indecision.

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