Do you feel exhausted after publishing each podcast episode? 


You are a busy entrepreneur and are already battling so many time thefts! Balancing your clients and business, while adding in your podcast onto your list can feel like A LOT!

Ready to POWER UP!

Just say YES to living the dream!

I'm Min, just another corporate escapee who traded in her cubicle for a fully stamped passport and a pair of pink AirPod Max.

Now, producing podcasts has not only become my business but my passion.

Are you ready to take your podcast to new heights?

Fun Facts About Min

Move to Denmark

While researching TikTok content for a client I saw a video about living in Denmark as an Entrepreneur. Now it's the next place on my bucket list!

Fashion is My Life

Before I went all in as a Podcast Producer, I started a fashion and mental health podcast. Fashion fuels my soul and carried me through some challenging times in my life.

I'm LITERALLY Living My Childhood Dream

I have dreamt of being an entrepreneur since I was 4 years old and am blown away at how quickly it all came together.

My Escape from the Corporate Blahs to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Hi, I'm Min!

I started in humble beginnings. No seriously Bestie, I was  born in the slums of Bangkok, Thailand and moved to Canada with my family when I was 5. In Canada, we were told as children to dream BIG. Even at 5 years old, my mom would reinforce that dreams are possible and the BIGGER the BETTER!

I somehow got it in my head that I needed a degree to be a business owner. I was well on my way with a diploma in Accounting and Finance and my sights set on a Bachelor of Commerce.





None of this was in the direction I thought my life would be headed. (Isn’t that always the case?!?) 

I found myself a young mom with two young kids and working in heavy construction as an Executive Assistant. I discovered that I loved stepping into a company when it was still small and being an instrumental part of their growth.

What I didn’t love was the expectation of being on call 24-7 and feeling burnt out, exhausted and not in control of my own schedule.


My mom always said “following your passion will bring you happiness and wealth.” 


Family is important to me and I always listen to my mom… most of the time.

In 2020, I took matters into my own hands and made the leap to starting a side hustle as a Virtual Assistant.

In 2021, I upgraded my skills and added podcast management into my services.

I realised I could take my passion for podcasting and help podcasters stay consistent giving them back time to focus on their business and nurturing their audience.

Welcome to the world ADMIN AVENGER! We're superhero podcast producers for stressed out Podcasters.

All these years later and the most important realization of my entrepreneurial journey has been to let go of what I thought it had to look like and let my own interests, passion and values come together to form a business that I am privileged to be a part of. 


Anybody's dream of becoming a business owner and creating their own lifestyle are within reach.


This is why I now help busy AF podcasters get back their time and freedom.

Here's to making your business dreams come true!

Let's Increase Your Podcast Downloads and Engage with Your Audience

Unleash Your Inner Podcasting Superhero!

This is the year you want to launch a podcast...How exciting! Not sure where to start?

Super Powered Podcast can get you pressing publish in 30 days!

Admin Avenger will consult on equipment, breakdown the technology, guide you through the editing process, even sit with you while you record!

Are you ready to fly Super Woman?


Become a Podcasting Superhero!

POWER UP Your Podcasting with a Podcast Producer!

You are a busy BOSS!  If your podcast is just one more thing in your business that is taking time away from being the BADASS CEO, Admin Avenger can be your podcast sidekick!

Let someone else take care of the editing, show notes, guest management and social media. All you have to do is push record!

Ready to POWER UP Super Hero?
Power Up Your Podcasting Game!

DIY Your Podcast!

This playbook breaks launching a podcast into easy daily tasks! Get references training, terminology and even affirmations to help break into the Podcasting Universe! Within ONE month you will be ready to push publish!


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