Pour of Wisdom: Trusting Your Brew in Decision-Making)

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Every Thursday, Min serves up not just coffee, but a generous pour of life's wisdom through stories from her personal journey, aiming to resonate with yours.

Min Sukree explores the art of decision-making and how to overcome decision paralysis. Drawing parallels between life's choices and selecting coffee from a menu, Min emphasizes the importance of self-trust throughout the decision-making process. She shares insights from her journey as a podcast producer and how decision-making has shaped her career.

The episode focuses on the value of quick decisions, wisdom from a successful entrepreneur, and the power of taking action to conquer indecision.


Min, an ex-corporate baddie with an inspiring journey.

From her early days in the slums of Bangkok to immigrating to Canada at the age of 5, Min's life story is a testament to the power of dreaming big.

Despite pursuing a traditional path with a diploma in Accounting and Finance, she discovered her true calling in supporting small businesses' growth. However, the relentless demands of her job left her feeling burnt out and without control over her schedule.

In 2020, she took the leap into entrepreneurship, starting as a Virtual Assistant, and in 2021, she expanded her services to include podcast management.

Today, Min is the driving force behind ADMIN AVENGER, a team of podcast-producing superheroes dedicated to helping busy podcasters regain their time and freedom. Her entrepreneurial journey has taught her that success is not about conforming to preconceived notions but aligning her passions, interests, and values to create a thriving business.

Min's mission is clear: to empower fellow female aspiring podcasters to turn their dreams into reality.

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Pour Of Wisdom: That's For ME

Discover ‚ÄúThat's For Me‚ÄĚ, a pour that blends the enticing aroma of coffee with the empowering magic of manifestation.

Min Sukree explores the journey of personal growth and inspiration through the lens of your favorite brew.

Much like crafting your perfect cup of coffee, manifestation involves setting clear intentions, aligning your actions, and confidently declaring, ‚ÄúThat's for me.‚ÄĚ

Take a sip, relax, and get ready to manifest your dreams, because in this episode, it's all about saying ‚ÄúThat's for me!‚ÄĚ

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Learning to be Enough

with Melissa Mejia

You are enough just as you are!

Min Sukree and Melissa Mejia explore Melissa's transformative journey towards self-acceptance. Her story begins with a move from Colombia to a new cultural context, leading to a profound shift in her self-image and impacting her mental and physical well-being.

Melissa takes us on a deeply personal and reflective journey, providing authentic insights into her ongoing struggle to overcome feelings of inadequacy and her ultimate journey towards embracing the profound truth that she is whole and complete, just as she is. Her story stands as a testament to the remarkable resilience of the human spirit and serves as an inspirational example of the transformative power of self-love and self-acceptance.

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Talking to Your Spirits

with Monica Morrissey

All over TikTok, women are asking men how often they think about the Roman Empire…but what is the female version?

The best friend breakup!

In this episode, Min sits down with Liv Dellanno, a public relations specialist with a story as unique and bold as a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Liv's journey of self-discovery in the backdrop of a progressive state unfolds in unexpected ways, touching on themes of personal growth, boundaries, and life lessons.

Discover how Liv navigated through a heartbreak that shaped her future relationships and left her with life lessons to savor, brew, and share with us all.

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