Learning to be Enough 

with Melissa Mejia

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You are enough just as you are!

Min Sukree and Melissa Mejia explore Melissa's transformative journey towards self-acceptance. Her story begins with a move from Colombia to a new cultural context, leading to a profound shift in her self-image and impacting her mental and physical well-being.

Throughout the episode, Melissa takes us on a deeply personal and reflective journey, providing authentic insights into her ongoing struggle to overcome feelings of inadequacy and her ultimate journey towards embracing the profound truth that she is whole and complete, just as she is. 


Episode Highlights:

A Journey of Self-Discovery: Melissa's path to self-acceptance is a captivating narrative that inspires and resonates with anyone who has ever grappled with feelings of not measuring up. 

The Impact on Mental and Physical Health: The episode explores how the emotional burden of not feeling "enough" can manifest in both mental and physical health, emphasizing the profound interconnectedness between mind and body.

Embracing Wholeness: Melissa's journey is ultimately one of embracing one's inherent worth, recognizing that each person possesses a unique and intrinsic value that doesn't need external validation.


Melissa's story stands as a testament to the remarkable resilience of the human spirit and serves as an inspirational example of the transformative power of self-love and self-acceptance.

Learning to be enough!


Better known as THE ONE ™ Activator! Melissa Mejia’s passion is igniting, reawakening and being the catalyst for you to reign in your sacred haven as THE ONE ™ & the best part? WE do it unapologetically our way! You’ll be held, supported, elevated, expanded and activated to ravish, revel and rapture in all of your oneness.

Melissa is a mama, a partner, a daughter, a friend, a woman but most importantly.. THE ONE ™, and so are you so let's uncover her and expand as your highest self, THE ONE ™! 

Connect with Melissa Mejia:




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