The Female Roman Empire (Friendship Breakup) 

with Liv Dellanno

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☕  All over TikTok, women are asking men how often they think about the Roman Empire…but what is the female version?

The best friend breakup! 

In this episode, Min sits down with Liv Dellanno, a public relations specialist with a story as unique and bold as a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Liv's journey of self-discovery in the backdrop of a progressive state unfolds in unexpected ways, touching on themes of personal growth, boundaries, and life lessons.

Discover how Liv navigated through a heartbreak that shaped her future relationships and left her with life lessons to savor, brew, and share with us all.


Episode Highlights:

☕  Liv's Unconventional Journey: Liv shares her path to self-acceptance as a queer woman was anything but conventional. She shares how her Catholic upbringing led to a profound inner conflict that eventually set her on a transformative journey.

☕Identity Exploration: As Liv ventured into her later adolescence, she began to question the very essence of her friendships. Her voyage of self-discovery uncovered profound revelations about her relationships and the person she was becoming.

☕The Heartache of Letting Go: Liv's path was fraught with emotional turmoil as she faced the agonizing decision to let go of friendships that no longer resonated with her authentic self. It was akin to shedding a part of her past.

☕Embracing Self-Acceptance: With the dissolution of a pivotal friendship, Liv found the freedom to embrace her true identity and set boundaries for future relationships and a thriving partnership with her love, Ash. It became abundantly clear that some relationships were impeding her personal growth.


Liv's journey through the tumultuous terrain of friendship breakups serves as a poignant reminder that letting go can pave the way for incredible personal growth and the discovery of one's authentic self. 


An East-Coaster at heart, Liv's roots started just outside Boston where she lived until she started college in upstate NY. After graduating in 2019, she made her way to the Windy City which she now calls home with her partner, Ashley. When the 2020 pandemic hit and the city was on lockdown, Liv discovered the world of PR and after juggling a full-time job and freelance work, she eventually quit her 9-5 and embraced her entrepreneurial spirit to start her own company, Mystik PR LLC. In her free time you can find her rock-climbing, reading + reviewing books (especially queer books), and spending time with her partner.

Connect with Liv Dellanno:


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