3 High Impact Habits to Transform Your 2023 

with Julia Lowe

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☕ In this episode of Share A Latte, your host Min Sukree welcomes special guest Julie Lowe, a Certified High Performance Coach and the founder of Socially Aligned. 

Julie shares her journey began in 2020, a year that challenged many of us in profound ways. Facing burnout and lifelong battles with anxiety, Julie decided to dive deep into research, gaining certifications in life and success coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, brain-based coaching, and high performance. Her mission is clear: to keep high-achieving women out of burnout by teaching them habits and mindsets for success without sacrificing their well-being.

Julie shares her insights into three high-impact habits that can help you finish 2023 as a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Episode Highlights:

☕  The importance of moving your body, even with two minutes increments, you can still make an impact on your mental and physical health

☕  EFT Tapping, the benefits of how it can relieve stressful situations in the moment. 

☕  Getting 7 hours of sleep daily, building a routine is key! Julie shares how she manages to get 7 hours as a busy entrepreneur and mom.

Spend the rest of 2023 being the best version of yourself!


Julie Lowe is a Certified High Performance Coach and the founder of Socially Aligned. She helps ambitious professionals develop high-performance habits before they burn out or burn it all down.

Julie has been featured on Good Morning Washington, The List, Huffington Post, Yahoo! Life, GOSS Magazine, Authority Magazine, and more, and her first book, "A Few Good Habits" is out Fall 2023.

Connect with Julia Lowe:



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