Unmasking Microaggressions:

Understanding Subtle Acts of Bias

with Dr. Danielle Prendergast

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☕ Min’s stirring things up with a conversation about microaggressions, served with a dash of empathy and a splash of understanding. A special guest, Dr. Danielle Prendergast, an Executive Coach, who facilitates conversations and workshops around diversity, equality and inclusion and creating safe spaces for people of color joins Min to shed light on the subtle yet impactful biases they encounter daily.


Episode Highlights:

Unraveling Microaggressions: In this episode, we'll take a journey into the world of microaggressions, with a special focus on the experiences of people of color.

Brewing Diversity: Danielle unveils the rich tapestry of microaggressions, from the workplace to social interactions, offering a blend of shared experiences and unique perspectives.

Empowerment Elixir: Understand the role of unconscious bias in perpetuating microaggressions and how awareness can lead to positive change.


Join Min and Danielle as they break down the walls of silence surrounding microaggressions and work toward building a more empathetic and understanding society. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and contribute to positive change.

Together, let's uncover truths and strive for a more inclusive world.


Dr. Danielle Prendergast is an executive coach + founder of Empower Her Strategies, an empowerment and leadership development company.

After a successful career in government relations and public policy, Danielle decided to follow her joy in uplifting and supporting Black women and women of color who want to elevate their leadership with more clarity, confidence, and empowerment. In her work, she helps high achieving women push through their limiting beliefs, navigate barriers, and define a leadership journey that aligns with their values and strengths. She also helps organizations understand how to foster inclusive environments where people of color, especially Black women and girls, can grow, thrive, and succeed.

Danielle has been an adjunct professor of political science for more than a decade. Her teaching interests focus on the intersection of race, politics, and public policy. These interests have been informed by over 20 years of experience as a policy specialist and advocate committed to addressing issues of access and equity on behalf of vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Danielle has lobbied before Congress and state legislatures in Maryland, Florida, and Georgia on energy and the environment, civil rights and liberties, and K-12 and higher education issues.

Danielle holds a Ph.D. in political science from American University, a master's degree in public administration from Clark Atlanta University, and a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Connect with Danielle Prendergast:




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