Pour of Wisdom: Team Dean? Team Jess? Or Team Logan? (Savouring Gilmore Girls)

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Every Thursday, Min serves up not just coffee, but a generous pour of life's wisdom through stories from her personal journey, aiming to resonate with yours. 

In this episode, Min will dive into the enchanting world of "Gilmore Girls" and how Rory's journey was shaped by the remarkable men in her life – Dean, Jess, and Logan.

As we step into the fall season, the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes fills the air, and our hearts naturally gravitate towards the nostalgia of Stars Hollow. Whether you're Team Dean, Team Jess, or Team Logan, you are going to want to listen in!

In Rory's journey, we find a blend of flavors and experiences, much like a cup of coffee. Dean, Jess, and Logan contributed to her growth – Dean taught her about loyalty and young love, Jess ignited her passion for literature and growth, and Logan pushed her to embrace adventure. Life, just like a well-crafted coffee blend, is a mixture of elements that shape our unique stories.

So Besties… Team Dean? Team Jess or Team Logan?


Min, an ex-corporate baddie with an inspiring journey.

From her early days in the slums of Bangkok to immigrating to Canada at the age of 5, Min's life story is a testament to the power of dreaming big.

Despite pursuing a traditional path with a diploma in Accounting and Finance, she discovered her true calling in supporting small businesses' growth. However, the relentless demands of her job left her feeling burnt out and without control over her schedule.

In 2020, she took the leap into entrepreneurship, starting as a Virtual Assistant, and in 2021, she expanded her services to include podcast management.

Today, Min is the driving force behind ADMIN AVENGER, a team of podcast-producing superheroes dedicated to helping busy podcasters regain their time and freedom. Her entrepreneurial journey has taught her that success is not about conforming to preconceived notions but aligning her passions, interests, and values to create a thriving business.

Min's mission is clear: to empower fellow female aspiring podcasters to turn their dreams into reality.

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